Roof Rats
Rats living in your crawl space or walls? Disappearing pet food? Dead rats or rat dropping in your attic? These may well be signs of a rat infestation. Call your local Critter Control office today at 800 CRITTER for effective rodent cleanup, rat removal and exclusion services.



Roof rats are very similar in appearance to other common types of rats.

  • Dark Brown or Black Coats
  • Light Underbellies
  • Narrow Bodies
  • Large Ears
  • Hairless, Scaly Tails
  • Dexterous Feet
  • 12-18 Inches in Length (including tails)

Roof rats are able to jump and climb with ease due to their dexterous feet and long tail.


Roof rats prefer to nest off the ground within trees or among dense, overgrown vegetation. The dark and enclosed spaces of attics and unoccupied lofts makes excellent homes for the rodents and will bring tem into humans homes, creating conflict. Roof rats will constantly explore and memorize pathways in and around their nests, making them extremely familiar with their surroundings.

Roof Rat Problems


Roof rats enter homes while seeking safe shelter and a good food supply. Home gardens and yards with citrus trees attract the rodents with the promise of easy meals, while attics and elevated enclosed spaces make excellent nesting territories. Once they settle into a nesting spot the rats will travel hundreds of feet each night in search of food. You may have a roof rat problem in your home.. But they may be traveling to your neighbors to find food.


Roof rats do not generally attack people or pets unprompted, but they will scratch or bite when cornered or handled. These rodents will forage through your pantry to find something to eat, and leave behind droppings and urine on counters and other surfaces in your home. These habits can assist in diseases being transmitted from the wildlife animals to you, your pets, or your family. Roof rats will also create a potential electrical fire hazard by chewing electrical wires and pulling insulation in attics and walls.

Roof Rat Control


Given that roof rats spread diseases and can become aggressive, it is best to trust the professionals with the removal of these rodents. Our trained professionals have tools and experience that give them the ability to confidently handle your roof rat control problem.

Damage Repair & Prevention

Roof rats can create dangerous and unsightly damages to your home and yard. Critter Control of Daytona Beach will identify the damages done and implement professional repair materials that will solve your worst roof rat damage problems. Some damage repairs may double as preventative measures that will keep roof rats out of your home for seasons to come. Call Critter Control of Daytona Beach for professional and effective roof rat control services.

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